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The REC Room: Read, Explore, Create

The Rec Room is a quiet space for you to read, learn, relax, complete homework, play games, explore new ideas and make new friends.

Before School

We are open every morning from 8.15am until form time. You can catch up on work, meet friends or read. We also have computers available during this time.

Break and Lunch Time

At break time the REC Room is open to exchange books and collect lunch time passes. You can also request books and enter competitions to win amazing prizes.

At lunch time we are open every day but we can only accommodate a small number of pupils – so make sure you pick up your pass at break time.

After School

Monday-Thursday the REC Room is open after school until 4 o’ clock. You can use the REC Room to complete homework, revise, play games, read and relax. We have laptops and Ipads available as well as a range of resources to help you with your homework.

The REC Room is also used for Reading Club and Film Club. If you have an interest or hobby and would like to use the REC Room after school, please speak to Mrs Sharkey and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What our pupils say about the REC Room:

“We always feel welcome in the REC Room and it’s a nice place to chill with friends” - Year 10 pupil

“You can do your homework and there’s loads of books to read that are interesting” - Olivia, Year 8

“I can be myself in the REC Room and it’s a good place to socialise with friends” - Alex, Year 9

“I like chilling in the REC Room and chatting to Mrs Sharkey” - Kate, Year 9

“I come in the REC Room because it’s quiet and I can read in peace” - Year 9 pupil

“I like coming to the REC Room at lunch to play games with my friends” - Year 8 pupil

“I come to the REC Room for the banter” - Year 9 pupil

“I like playing games with my friends and reading” - Scott, Year 7

“I come in the REC Room to do my homework because it’s quiet and I can use the computers” - Bailey, Year 7

“I like the REC Room because it’s peaceful, calm and when you’ve had your dinner you can come in and relax and have a chat” - James & Danny, Year 9

“I like going to the REC because it’s a quiet place I can go at dinnertime to revise and do extra work” - Alex P, year 9