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Liam Molyneux, Head Boy

Hello, my name is Liam and I am Head Boy at Rose Bridge Academy. When I first started at Rose Bridge I came with no friends but the transition was made so easy for me by the staff at the school. They were very considerate, empathetic and understanding, through this I have fitted into the academy and I am thriving.

The lessons are challenging at times but every single Teacher wants you to perform at your best and they are there to help you with any difficulties that occur. I feel that the Teachers are good at reminding you what you need to do to achieve and helping you to get there.

I am proud to be Head Boy at Rose Bridge Academy, with its outstanding results, facilities and staff.

Remember Respect, believe and you will achieve.

Izzy Nicholson, Head Girl

Hello, I’m Izzy Nicholson and I am Head Girl at Rose Bridge Academy. I believe that attending Rose Bridge has made me a better person, given me opportunities and through this my confidence and self-esteem has grown.

Choosing Rose Bridge Academy to provide my education is one decision that I will never regret. The staff have shown me my potential in life and they have always encouraged the best from me.

I know that being part of the Rose Bridge family will lead to me leaving with the excellent GCSE grades that I have wanted to achieve.