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Homework Guidance

Self – study: Working beyond the classroom (homework)

Self - study involves studying without direct supervision or attendance in a classroom and is a valuable way to learn. By complementing formal lessons with self - study, students can see a drastic improvement to grades, understanding, and confidence. There are various self - studying methods including attending after school sessions, lunchtime clubs or completing a ‘takeaway’, with pre-planned tasks for students to select and complete over time.

Policy and Practice

Self-study (homework) is an integral part of the total course of study in all national curriculum subjects and is as important and compulsory as work done in class.


To make self-study more purposeful and embody within students, a desire to want to complete it for their own benefit with a framework for:

Parents are fully informed of the academy's policy on self – study. Self-study is also an area where parents can become directly involved by helping students to:

To achieve the aims the academy will ensure that: